Hi there! I'm Laurie, and on this sideblog I will share my dieting process, along with recipes. I started a few years ago, I was a UK size 28 by then, and I gradually went down to a size 14.
At the moment, I'm aiming for my target size, a size 8 (or whatever looks good, since I started the weight loss process I also grew up to be taller than I ever expected).
All of my meals are low-cal, and it will al be tagged based on whether it's vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.
Enjoy your stay on my blog! :)
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So, I was wondering. 

I’m not using this url, but I really want to keep it and I want to make good use of it.

SO, I realised that lots of people in real life have been asking me for tips on how to lose weight like I did (I used to be a UK size 28, I’m now a size 14-12), and I thought I just might share my diet on Tumblr, posting what I eat during the day, how to make it, sharing favourite products, etc.

It would mainly be centred on how to cook meals that are under 300 calories each, sometimes even under 200, and it would definitely include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, as I’ve gotten quite good at it over the years.

It would almost be like a “liveblogging” of my journey to a size 8, if you will.

Would anyone be interested in that?